What are we?

If you are are asking yourself, what is this ‘community’? And what is eResearch? You can find the answer to this here and the Centre for eResearch here.

Now, we are going to try answer this. Well, the formal definition of a community is “a social group of any size whose members share common characteristics or interests”. Saying that, we can define our community as a social group supported by its coordinators (people that you can contact if you have questions or problems with your IT skills or just have a chat to remind yourself that you are not alone!). This Community was created to share knowledge and help researchers make their research better, easier and enjoyable. However, remember that the main idea is not only to connect with the Community coordinators but also with other community members. These members are trying to achieve the same or similar goals as you! Such as, to finalise research in the best possible manner, with the greatest results, and with as much enjoyment as possible!

Don’t forget that, sharing ideas and problems is one of the best and fastest ways to create valuable knowledge and networking.


You are not alone is this rollercoaster experience, we are with you!