Hello! I am from Auckland, New Zealand and have lived here my entire life. I have a dog, 3 cats and 4 guinea pigs. As you can probably tell I love animals. I currently work part time at Butterfly Creek by the Airport where I get to be around different animals all the time. But before that I worked at Spookers as a scare actor, where I got to chase people around and scare the shit out of them and get paid for it! Score! I change my hair often, it has been many different colors over the years and I have just got back from a trip to Europe where I was able to go to Disney Land! I started studying at the University of Auckland in 2014 with a Biomed major next to my name. Soon enough I realized this wasn’t for me and after a lot of juggling of majors and courses I arrived at my final decision of a Computer Science and Bioscience double major. Although I am an undergrad, I pride myself on my knowledge in my area and have experience in a professional setting. I am interested in computational biology. But in my spare time I am a video game fanatic and work on many Unity projects. I am a competitive league of legends player and have a sick obsession for my Xbox. I am extremely interested in VR development and how this can be applied to scientific research and I actively engage in assisting this in the Centre for eResearch.I believe that true bioinformaticians don’t understand enough computer science or biological science. I feel as though they are in this limbo of the in-between and unless they actively engage in further research themselves, they never really leave it. I also believe that computer scientists developing software for bioinformaticians or biological scientists do not understand the biology, at all. Biology in itself is not linear. It can’t be described in a linear workflow. I also believe that biologists do not understand the computer science that they so actively use in their daily research life! This is why I study what I study; I am interested in developing software for biological representation/visualation and manipulation. Whether that be visualized on a monitor or through a VR headset. Imagine being able to manipulate a protein in its secondary structure, and fold it, twist it and try to visualize potential tertiary structure in VR. It is my ultimate dream to be apart of a developing team interested in this kind of software development. But it is also very rare to have people with enough knowledge in biology and enough knowledge in computer science to put this into action.

I am also extremely interested in game programming. Video games are my life and to be able to be apart of a developing team creating a well-known video game, whether it is console or PC it is a distant fantasy of mine. I am fluent in many programming languages such as Python, Java, Java script, R, Bash, C#, C and even as low level as assembly language. I am not too familiar in hardware as software is my expertise. I am also competent in theoretical computer science, algorithms and optimization. I love to blur the boundaries between science subjects and love to find different ways to implement my software knowledge in other fields such as chemistry, physics and astronomy. I am a decent chemist and an OK mathematician, I try my best to learn as I teach even if it is just little things so I can expand my knowledge.

I believe that knowledge is power, and that it shouldn’t be withheld from anyone. We should all be learning from each other – other researchers – instead of relying solely on academics to feed us their knowledge. It should trickle around between professions and I enjoy being a part of projects that help bring researches together to achieve just this. Such as Hacky Hour!

Thanks for reading this far down my bio! I will probably see you around/teach you at any workshops we have.


email: k.logie@auckland.ac.nz