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Juliana Osorio-Jaramillo


After more than ten years working in the software development industry, I came to New Zealand with the aim to start a most meaningful life. I have always loved my job; for me, software development gives you the power to create unimaginable things, you are a magician with the enchantment in your brain and your fingertips, you are a creator with a scope as big as the entire world itself. Thanks to software development, nowadays we can share information, analyse data quickly to take informed decisions, solve problems that before were tough to manage in one life, have cool stuff around us, be in touch with your family and friends if you are overseas, and one million more things (I’m pretty sure that is more than one million!!). However, as a super power if you use it for the wrong you’ll be doing super-wrong things (If you’re drinking lots of coffee could be worst!), then if you have this power use it for the world wellbeing, next generations of humans, plants, animals, microbes (why not?), and new species would appreciate it!.

In the journey to create a more meaningful life, I decided to start studying again, now after twelve years of finishing my Electronics Engineering studies, I began my Master’s degree in Energy at the University of Auckland, with the aim of learning about sustainability, green energies and resources management. And here I’m learning about it and researching about climate change mitigation options for my home country. The next step is to figure out how to merge my super-coding powers with a greener future. Sometimes I think that eResearch group came to my life to help in this seeking. Now I’m contributing to growing up the community around the eResearch Centre by teaching software development skills and starting the community to help other researchers to do their job while they are trying to save the world or at least contribute with new knowledge for a better future.


My philosophy of life. Source: https://www.holstee.com/.

Check the video!!!

When I was working in Colombia a couple of years ago, I usually used this video from code.org to motivate my team and try to transmit to them the message of the importance of our job (despite the absence of free food :/). It has Spanish subtitles useful for my home country friends or if someone is interested in starting learning Spanish.

It’s a beautiful example of how software developers feel about what we do. This video is oriented to motivate people to be software programmers to fill the gap in a demanded market, using good arguments as free food and nice workplaces (free food always works!). But there are more valuable reasons overall, as Vanessa – creator of Girl Develop IT says: “if someone has told me that software is really about humanity, is really about helping people by using computer technology it would have changed my outlook about it earlier”.

Some of my favourite interventions in the video are:
Browen, technical artist at Valve: When I finally learn a little bit of programming that blank wall was resulting in a bunch of doors, and you open them, and finally the light comes in.
Gave, Valve creator: You have magic powers!
Drew ,DropBox creator: Is the closest that we have to a superpower!
Chris, NBA all-star: It could be intimidating but what isn’t?
and Will.i.am mmm maybe we aren’t rock stars although usually, we love rock-n-roll!!

I’m convinced that when you’re passionate about what you do, achieving the best results becomes easy, and at the end, you enjoy not only your job but your entire life! In this manner, and seeking to enjoy my good life, in addition to my study+software programming+community+green activities I try my best to have time to go to the mountains for a ride. For me, mountain biking (enduro specific) is the most exciting and gratifying thing!. When I go for a ride, I unplugged my technologic personality to become a rural, simple life style human being. I think that the capacity to leave your agitated weekdays, think about other things, and feel other sides of the world makes you more grateful and aware of the reality and sense of the world.

If you have any question about web programming including C#, HTML, JQuery, Oracle, MSSQL, or MySql databases, about how to organize better your research time and tools to support that, or even questions about climate change and mountain biking :), don’t hesitate to contact me on my email: j.osorio@auckland.ac.nz or at hacky-hour every Thursday in Strata cafe. I’ll be happy to try to help you.

See you around!

Juliana Cl.

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