Welcome to my introduction page!

Hi, my name is Chelsea Wang, from Beijing, China. I came to Auckland, New Zealand for PhD study since 2013. My research interests are online curriculum design, engineering education and intelligent tutoring system. I study learning theories and software engineering because I want to devote myself to apply diverse technologies to curriculum design and help educators feel confident to use technology in their courses. This is my dream job. In my spare times, I love reading and writing, travelling, learning new things and watching sci-fic TV plays. <Fringe> is my No.1 favourite TV play.


I believe technology, like it does, make our lives better and better everyday. For education as an example, from simple webpages to present teaching materials, to Wiki page for online collaboration, then powerful learning management systems for everyone to develop online courses. Now we are in a new era – MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses): everyone can choose what they want to learn from the world top universities and study at their own time and place. Technology make education more sharable, collaborative, flexible and imaginative. But from the other side, we need to remind us that technology is a tool which should serve us not control us.

Now I am a PhD student in Faculty of Engineering, the University of Auckland. My research project is to help first-year engineering students improve their self-regulated learning skills when they study online. I need to build an online learning environment this is why I wanted to learn programming initially.

I spent 6 months or probably more on travelling throughout different languages but couldn’t decide which one I should use. Coincidentally, I went to Hackyhour which is organised by eResearch centre, every Thursday from 3 to 4pm. Then, problems solved. I think it is very important to know who can help you, talk to them and ask questions.

I believe now there is no very rigid boundaries among subjects. Science or social science, sometimes we all need sort of same tools, maybe different level to solve problems. For my personal experiences, when I design online course, sometimes I need to use Python or HTML to customise some functions which the learning management system doesn’t have. Sometimes, I need to use SPSS or other statistics tools for data analysis.

Research is a long journey, a journey with challenges all the time. Sometimes challenges make you excited, sometimes turn the other way, frustrated. Sometimes you will be alone, but most of time you will have teachers, friends and people who support you around. Like Hackyhour, simply bring your questions and talk to someone, sometimes you cannot get the answer straight away, but you will have a rough idea what you can do next. Most important, you make friends!

I am now one of community coordinators in eResearch centre, the University of Auckland. Our goals are to help researchers find appropriate tools for their research, feel confident to apply the tools and explore more by themselves. Save your time to look around and figure out ‘which tools I should use’ all by yourself! Come to join us on Hackyhour every Thursday 3 – 4pm! Find your answers and friends!



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