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Category to organize post entries related to software that is cool and useful in researches but is not for coding, dababases, etc. It’s just to be your life simpler or happier. Trello, Slack, link to other communities, etc


Virtual Machines

By Kaitlin Logie, December 2016 A virtual machine is an operating system or an application environment that which is installed on software and imitates hardware, an emulation of a computer system. The user has the same interaction...


High Performance Computing

By Kaitlin Logie, 17th December 2016 What is High Performance Computing (HPC)? Also known as ‘Super Computing’, HPC is a tool that allows you to use and access some of the country’s most powerful...


Astrophysics and eResearch!

By Kaitlin Logie, 2nd December 2016. eResearch in Astronomy? In the era of big data and data science, Dr. Arna Karick started a motion in association with Inspire9 to help promote digital literacy in astronomers....


Research Bazaar Auckland 2017

Applications to attend #ResBazAkl 2017 are already open. You can register your interest until the 19th of December on the official website. You can download the official flyer here! Feel free to circulate it...


The HoloLens

By Kaitlin Logie, 17th November 2016 What is the Microsoft HoloLens? The Microsoft HoloLens is the first self contained holo-graphic computer! The HoloLens enables the use to interact and engage with digital content and...


3D Printing and Your Research

By Kaitlin Logie, 17th November 2016. Have you ever wondered whether or not you could visualise research prototypes as a physical 3D object? Well with the help of a 3D printer this is very...