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Virtual Machines

By Kaitlin Logie, December 2016 A virtual machine is an operating system or an application environment that which is installed on software and imitates hardware, an emulation of a computer system. The user has the same interaction...


High Performance Computing

By Kaitlin Logie, 17th December 2016 What is High Performance Computing (HPC)? Also known as ‘Super Computing’, HPC is a tool that allows you to use and access some of the country’s most powerful...


Python. Not as scary as it sounds!

By Kaitlin Logie, 20th October 2016. Python? Never heard of it. Python is a dynamic, object-orientated, interpreted, high-level programming language. It’s high level, built-in data structures and its simple syntax make it a very...


VR and Your Research

By Kaitlin Logie, October 7th 2016. Virtual Reality and Your Research Virtual reality is now reality! Although fairly expensive, major devices such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive are hitting the...