Python Auckland User Group


If you are interested in Python, look here!

Python Auckland User Group provides a chance to you to meet other local Python developers, learners, employers, and enthusiasts of all kinds.  All skill levels are welcome!

The regular events for Auckland group are:

  1. Monthly presentation series: these are mid-length presentations (30 minutes to an hour) about topics of interest to the community.
  2. Monthly informal “Hands-on” evenings: these are a chance to sit down with other Python developers of all experience levels to push your project forward, get help with a particular trouble spot, share expertise, or do whatever else you like. These formally start at 6:30 (when the pizza arrives) but you can drift in from about 5:45. There will be a brief training session to kick things off each time. The training content will be aimed at the beginner level.

For more information, please have a look here!

Moreover, our Python basic workshop (organised by eResearch community) will start soon. If you want to enrol, please fill in the following form to apply: application for Python basic workshop.

Our regular Thursday ‘Hacky hour is on! Bring your questions and coffee to join us!

Look forward to seeing you around!

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